Our retail shop is currently open Friday-Sunday. We will keep you posted as to when we plan to re-open on Thursdays.

Our Shop

We are a classic Italian salumeria--meaning we produce all of our salumi (charcuterie) in our on-site USDA facility.  Additionally, we make a selection of antipasti, source local and imported cheeses, and offer Italian sundries.  We carry pasture raised, grass fed-grass finished meats from Kinderhook, Climbing Tree, Gibson, and Snowdance Farms.
On Fridays and Saturdays we make panini, Saturdays only we make prosciutto sourdough, and Sundays are for house made sourdough and focaccia by the slice!
Our store front is our way of interacting with our community, so stop by say hi, and taste some treats, and maybe have a snack or lunch at our tables outside!
We source our animals exclusively from farms that we trust. What this means for us, is that the farms let their animals be animals, that their pigs truly get to act like pigs. It is important to us that their pigs live outdoors and can run around; that they have the opportunity to forage for food, in addition to any feed, whey, milk, cream, or vegetable scraps the farmers give them. In addition to caring for their animals appropriately, all of the farms we work with are committed to responsible land stewardship, striving to respect and better the land they work on.

As a result of these practices, there is natural variation in the pork we use (as nature intended it to be). We find that our salumi reflects these variations. For example, some of our farmers feed milk and cream to their pigs and we have noticed that the salumi from these animals has cheesy undertones; or at those times of the year when there are many acorns for forage, the salumi has nutty notes. Our salumi is more often than not single origin (coming from one farm per lot of production) although we will sometimes have a “Northeast Blend” for sausage or salami. If you would like to know the source of your salumi please contact us —we will be happy to let you know!
Climbing Tree Farm (CT)
Gibson Family Farms (GF)
Kinderhook Farm (KH)
Northeast Blend (NE) -- A combination of the above farms.